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  • : Ce blog s'adresse à tous mes élèves qui veulent voir ou revoir certains documents étudiés en classe ou voir d'autres documents sur le même thème.
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17 mai 2017 3 17 /05 /mai /2017 08:38

correction of the questions on Emma Watson's speech:

1 He for she / aim = end gender inequalities.

2. feminism is the belief that men and women should have the same rights.

3. It started a long time ago when at 8 years old she was considered bossy whereas boy weren't when they both wanted to do the same thing. When at only 14 she was sexualized by the media, or at 15 when she saw her girlfriends giving up activities that they loved not to appear too manly, or again at 18, when she realized that some of her male friends had to repress their feelings not to appear feminine. So with all that she decided that if these things bothered her, she was a feminist.

4. She fights for both men and women because she thinks that both men and women are imprisoned in the stereotypes and that none of them benefits from the inequalities.

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4 mai 2017 4 04 /05 /mai /2017 14:32

Vous pouvez trouver sur you tube énormément de vidéos d'entraînement à la CO qui arrive la semaine prochaine. Il vous suffit de taper CO bac anglais dans la barre de recherche. 

en voici certaines:


Bon courage!

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ac anglais
4 mai 2017 4 04 /05 /mai /2017 14:29

this is one of the last documents for our notion:


In September 2015, the actress Emma Watson, whom you probably remember as Hermione in harry Potter, and who is now a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, delivered a speech at the UN.

I would like you to listen to her speech and to answer the following questions:

1. Name and goal of her campaign?

2. What is the definition of the word feminism?

3. How did she become a feminist?

what happened when she was 8, 14, 15 and 18?

4. Is she only fighting for women? why/why not?


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6 avril 2017 4 06 /04 /avril /2017 09:22

Voici la trace écrite que nous n'avons pas eu le temps de finir hier:



What incidence did the event have on Mel's life?

Being born and raised during the Apartheid, she probably had no idea how terrible this system was. She grew up loving her nanny and when she saw the way she lived, she realised how unfair it was. The event must have made her question her own government.


What's mel's job?

Mel became a journalist because she wanted to see and know more about what was happening in South Africa under the Apartheid and she probably wanted to try and do something about it.


Can you imagine why she divorced and why she didn't speak to her dad for a while?

This event changed her. She realised what the apartheid consited in and she probably started to question it. We can imagine that she resented her father for agreeing with the system and not fighting it. We can also imagine that her husband did not share her ideas and she probably rejected him as being a symbol of the white supremacy system since he could live with it.

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4 avril 2017 2 04 /04 /avril /2017 10:45

Here is the interview of Mr DeKlerk I told you about this morning.

You can listen to the whole of course, but what we talked about is from 1:20 to 3:30.


The title: FRANCE 24 The Interview : F.W. de Klerkformer president of South Africa





Vous allez entendre le nom de Botha, qui était le président Sud Africain avant de Klerk sous lequel de Klerk était ministre.


Lire ici sur Botha et ici vous trouverez la liste des présidents sud africains.


Hope this helps...

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englishinembrun - dans terminale S-ES
31 mars 2017 5 31 /03 /mars /2017 10:45

Bonjour, Pour pallier à mon absence de cette semaine, voici un lien  sur lequel vous trouverez une série de CO pour vous entrainer à l'épreuve du bac qui arrive à grand pas.

Pour ces CO, il n'y  a pas de script pour se corriger mais en travaillant à plusieurs vous pouvez comparer ce que vous avez compris.


ICI vous avez un autre document et le script est proposé en commentaire. 

Idem ici 

Bon courage

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15 mars 2017 3 15 /03 /mars /2017 15:13

In 1964 Norman Rockwell painted the very famous "The problem we all live with" depicting a little black girl surrounded by 4 US Marchals on her first day to school. 




Here is a link to a web page describing the painting and analyzing it.


The event really did take place in 1960. The little girl was named Ruby bridges, and although segregation at school had been banned in 1954, white people didn't want to integrate black people in their school and she had to be protected by the police. 


 Here is another link to a page talking more about the story of the painting. 



Here is an interview of Ruby Bridges recorded in 2010. Listen to it and answer the questions I gave you. 



Remember the method:

Do not try to undertand everything, pick up keys words and build up the meaning. 




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englishinembrun - dans terminale S
10 mars 2017 5 10 /03 /mars /2017 17:44

We studied one scene from the movie Forrest Gump. I can't put this scene here on the blog but I really encourage you to watch the whole movie.

I found a few articles on the net that are interesting about this movie and the event the scene referred to, that is to say : the desegregation of the university of alabama.

The first one about governor wallace: "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door"

then, Forrest Gump: An Analysis,

Historical Events in Forrest Gump That Happened in Real Life

and James Hood, one of the first black students at the University of Alabama, dies.

Hope you'll find those interesting and that you'll enjoy the movie as much as I did..

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englishinembrun - dans term S
8 mars 2017 3 08 /03 /mars /2017 16:50

Michael Moore (if you haven't heard of him go and read about the movies he has done) made a cartoon about the history of the US. He created it when he made the documentary 'Bowling for Columbine'. I'm note sure it was ever aired, and I've heard that it has been banned.

Watch it but keep in mind that It's made by Mickael Moore and that, as so, it is biased!

( And if you read the comments under the video, you'll see that many people disagree with M.Moore)





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englishinembrun - dans term S
6 mars 2017 1 06 /03 /mars /2017 17:43

We've talked about the history of the Black people in the US.


Here is a video about the March on Washington led by MLK:




Here is a video about Rosa Parks and what happened on December 1st, 1955:


and another one on MLK speaking about the Montgomery bus boycott.


Hope you'll find it interresting...
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englishinembrun - dans term S