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11 février 2017 6 11 /02 /février /2017 07:37

N'oubliez pas d'écouter la vidéo avant de lire le script !!!!








It’s one of the most anticipated movies of all times « Star Wars: The Force Awakens »

56 million people have seen the trailer and fans are counting the days until the movie opens in December.

But one Star Wars fan can’t wait that long: Daniel Fleetwood is dying, he has terminal cancer. In September he was given two months to live so he is literally on borrowed time. His dying wish is to see ‘The Force Awakens’. Check out his hand-drawn bucket list but it’s unlikely he’ll make it to opening day, so Daniel’s wife Ashley started a social media campaign #Force For Daniel, asking Disney to let Daniel see the top secret movie early.

“Help my man get his last wish” Ashley twitted “to see a screening of ‘Star Wars’ before cancer takes him”. Her campaign touched hearts around the world, even Luke Skywalker himself–actor Mark Hamyll- re-twitted the plea to Disney and it worked!

Daniel is too weak to make it to a movie theatre so Disney sent a team to Daniel’s house, outside Houston, and actually gave him a private screening of the movie. Today Disney made his final wish come true, his grateful wife wrote on Facebook, a wonderful present that means so much to a man who won’t be with us much longer.

May the Force be with you, Daniel.

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