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6 avril 2017 4 06 /04 /avril /2017 09:22

Voici la trace écrite que nous n'avons pas eu le temps de finir hier:



What incidence did the event have on Mel's life?

Being born and raised during the Apartheid, she probably had no idea how terrible this system was. She grew up loving her nanny and when she saw the way she lived, she realised how unfair it was. The event must have made her question her own government.


What's mel's job?

Mel became a journalist because she wanted to see and know more about what was happening in South Africa under the Apartheid and she probably wanted to try and do something about it.


Can you imagine why she divorced and why she didn't speak to her dad for a while?

This event changed her. She realised what the apartheid consited in and she probably started to question it. We can imagine that she resented her father for agreeing with the system and not fighting it. We can also imagine that her husband did not share her ideas and she probably rejected him as being a symbol of the white supremacy system since he could live with it.

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