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  • : Ce blog s'adresse à tous mes élèves qui veulent voir ou revoir certains documents étudiés en classe ou voir d'autres documents sur le même thème.
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15 mars 2017 3 15 /03 /mars /2017 15:13

In 1964 Norman Rockwell painted the very famous "The problem we all live with" depicting a little black girl surrounded by 4 US Marchals on her first day to school. 




Here is a link to a web page describing the painting and analyzing it.


The event really did take place in 1960. The little girl was named Ruby bridges, and although segregation at school had been banned in 1954, white people didn't want to integrate black people in their school and she had to be protected by the police. 


 Here is another link to a page talking more about the story of the painting. 



Here is an interview of Ruby Bridges recorded in 2010. Listen to it and answer the questions I gave you. 



Remember the method:

Do not try to undertand everything, pick up keys words and build up the meaning. 




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